I’ve studied this man’s book for years. This past weekend I got to spend quality time with Don Failla.In case you don’t know Don … he’s got to be about 80 … he’s the author of the best selling guide …”The 45 second presentation that will change your life” with more than 7 million copies sold worldwide … and has trained more self-made multi-millionaires in network marketing than just about any other person on the planet.

Don and his wife, Nancy, are all about lifestyle. They’re all about “owning their life” … spending quality time with their loved ones … travelling and cruising all over the world … and managing their businesses and an organization of over 800,000 people worldwide. And they’re also all about having fun.

Don has taught me exactly how to use his system to build a huge and successful network marketing organization. The best part about his system is that it’s really so simple anyone can learn how to do it … it doesn’t require much time … and you don’t have to do any selling. He’s also committed to me that he’ll be available to me and my group whenever we need his advice

Don and Nancy are also helping with the launch of a GROUND FLOOR global network marketing company I’ve been invited to participate with … and it has to do with accumulating REAL WEALTH in gold and silver. It also has to do with EDUCATING people how to be prepared to manage their money and assets should our economy ever slide over the fiscal cliff.

If you’d like to see how you can start your own home based business for under $210 and operate it for $50 a month with unlimited upside income potential, and my personal mentoring … you need to go to and check it out … and if it resonates with you … call me.

My commitment to everyone who joins with me is to help train and mentor them so they can start earning a real income from their own business and build an organization that will create their freedom.


P.S. If you’d like to speak with others who have already joined me and are building their own organizations, let me know.

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