Cloud Income Properties

What We Do

a quick guide to Cloud Income Properties

Cloud Income Properties is an e-Commerce business acquisition and sales organization.  We buy and sell cash flowing e-Commerce businesses.  We are privately owned and have a Dream Team of experts who have a combined 100+ years of business, sales, marketing and building of website properties.

In addition, we partner with top notch website management companies who help manage and grow our sites.


Let’s Talk Benefits

  • Evergreen sites last a long, long time.
  • Proven niches take the guesswork out.
  • Minimum of maintenance – as hands off as possible.
  • Full keyword research makes for easy SEO.
  • Statistics and analytics accessible with built in tools.
  • Proven revenue history eases your mind.
  • Older and more established sites rank higher.
  • Cash positive sites can get you up and running fast.
  • Sourcing by professionals reduces mistakes.

It’s so easy!

Step 1: Our expert Acquisitions team buys sites that have huge upside potential
Step 2: Our expert website management partners ensure continued cash flow
Step 3: Each buyer receives a Certificate of Ownership from Cloud Income Properties when the transfer is complete.