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I’ve studied this man’s book for years. This past weekend I got to spend quality time with Don Failla.In case you don’t know Don … he’s got to be about 80 … he’s the author of the best selling guide …”The 45 second presentation that will change your life” with more than 7 million copies sold worldwide … and has trained more self-made multi-millionaires in network marketing than just about any other person on the planet. Don and his wife, Nancy, are all about lifestyle. They’re all about “owning...

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I’m still having a difficult time believing that 2013 is in the books and we’re moving into 2014. It honestly seems to me that the older I get, the faster the years fly by.Because I have such a large and diverse client base and student base, I’ve seen an interesting pattern emerging among many of them when it comes to their financial situation. It seems that those who have a generally POSITIVE attitude about themselves and their ability to find ways to be of service to others seem to survive and thrive in any economy....

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Recently I read an article that stated that almost 50 MILLION Americans are now considered “POOR” and that almost 80% of all Americans are at or near the POVERTY line. To say that the distribution of wealth is becoming alarmingly disproportionate to the population would be an understatement … and based on the financial challenges many of my clients and students face today … I would say that these findings are relatively accurate. To become and remain financially successful in today’s turbulent times takes skill,...

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December is a fun time of the year because we can enjoy the holidays … the good food … our friends … some time off … and look forward to a fresh start again in January. I especially enjoy this time of year because I always seem to get in some extra reading time. And in my case … I get excited about the prospect of reading books I’ve ALREADY READ DOZENS OF TIMES! I love to read and learn. Over time, I’ve come to understand that “the more you learn … the more you earn” … and you can take that to the...

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Can you believe it’s already Thanksgiving, and the holidays and year end are just around the corner? It seems as though every year flashes by faster than the year before. As we draw towards the end of this year … it’s a terrific time to reflect on your achievements of this year and begin to imagine the achievements you can accomplish in the next one. One thing we can all be certain of is that there is a wealth of OPPORTUNITY out there just waiting for those who want to seize it. I hope you plan to grab your share of it. Also … it’s...

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I’ve been a CPA for over 30 years and have advised people on their personal finances for going on a decade. The one thing I’ve observed is how uneducated most people are when it comes to money and personal finances. This point was brought home once the recession hit, and I began meeting with otherwise successful people who were struggling to make ends meet. Even worse is that few of them have been able to recover from their losses since 2008. Recently I watched a brief video that highlights the plight of the VAST MAJORITY OF AMERICANS …...

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Because of the many relationships I have with very successful business entrepreneurs, I’m constantly being offered the opportunity to get involved in many different business ventures. Usually I don’t get involved for any number of reasons … and my decision making process is extreme when it comes to the “Due Diligence” I go through in reviewing any potential business or investment I’m considering. Recently I’ve been offered the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of what I consider to be the best opportunity I’ve seen in a...

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I recently read an article that demonstrates some of the changes going on in the world of work. It said that we’re seeing more and more people becoming entrepreneurs because the time when most people have a JOB will become the exception rather than the rule. We’ve already seen this phenomenon become reality, certainly since the recession of 2008. Millions of good jobs disappeared, never to return again. Unfortunately there are many people today who are still waiting for their job to come back, and are not prepared to live in a new economy....

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Your time is precious. In fact … show me how you spend your time and how you manage your money … and I can pretty well predict where you’ll be 5 years from now. It’s a scary fact that the majority of people stop reading and learning once they finish their schooling. For some … that means they stop once they’ve graduated from high school … and for others it means graduation from university. Regardless … too many are ill prepared and uninformed to survive and thrive in the financial world we live in today. Then you have people...

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Even if you aren’t a politically active person, you can’t help but be concerned by the news coming out of Washington these days. With a government shutdown … the issues with both Obamacare and the debt ceiling … it’s enough to make any aware citizen more than a little uneasy. Even though I don’t have a crystal ball … my intuition is telling me that it’s only a matter of time until we see another major upheaval of our economy. It may not be this year or next … but by the time the current administration leaves in 2016 and a new...

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