With the large number of clients I speak to every month, it’s interesting to hear their view of how the recession has impacted their lives, especially in the Phoenix area.

There’s no doubt in my mind that 99% of the general population has been pounded by the economy over the past 5 years. It’s not only the financial losses that almost everyone has suffered … even worse is the psychological and emotional wounds it’s created in so many people’s lives. Hope has been replaced by a feeling of doom … and there’s a general sense of giving up on the dreams of life to accept survival as the ultimate goal.

I understand why so many feel this way … including a lot of my clients. And I don’t blame them if they feel this way.

On the other hand … I come from a completely different point of view. Rather than play the role of the victim … I look for the opportunities that are right in front of me every day and I pounce on them.

Hopefully you agree with me that there’s as much opportunity today to serve people and solve problems as there’s ever been. All of the money on the planet hasn’t suddenly disappeared. For the entrepreneur there’s always opportunity.

For all of us to win the money game … it starts with having a system in place to manage our money, to have a definite savings objective … to create a contingency fund … and to have money available to invest. Learn how to become a master at investing in assets that create cash flow and also go up in value and you’re on your way to financial freedom.

If you’d like to meet with me for a consultation to review your current money management system and share different options with you, call me at 480-760-5787.

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