Even if you aren’t a politically active person, you can’t help but be concerned by the news coming out of Washington these days. With a government shutdown … the issues with both Obamacare and the debt ceiling … it’s enough to make any aware citizen more than a little uneasy.

Even though I don’t have a crystal ball … my intuition is telling me that it’s only a matter of time until we see another major upheaval of our economy. It may not be this year or next … but by the time the current administration leaves in 2016 and a new president is elected … it’s highly likely something big will happen.

That means we all have to be smart today. We have to make wise financial decisions starting right now … and we should all be focused on earning as much as possible and investing it wisely before everything hits the fan.

Perhaps we won’t see another recession/depression in the near future … but if what’s happening today in Washington isn’t a wakeup call to be smart with your money right now … nothing will.

I hope all of my clients and potential clients become more aware of their personal finances … spend wisely … save even more … and invest in areas that won’t be affected by a downturn in our economy. Those who prepare the most have the best chance to survive any economic recession. Manage your money well!

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