Of all the people I know, few meet with as many individuals as I do and discuss their personal finances to the depths that I do.

Ever since the recession of 2007, I’ve observed a tragic phenomenon that has overtaken the majority of people I meet.

Too many people have given up hope. They don’t believe they’ll ever be able to retire to the lifestyle and dreams they had when they were younger. If they can just get by … that’s about the best they can hope for.

Many have no idea if or when they’ll ever be able to stop working. Others have no idea how they’ll be able to survive on their income once they stop working. And others worry that they’ll run out of savings long before they run out of life.

I can understand how so many have come to this point in life. They were never taught the right things to begin with, so how could they ever hope to win the game?

3 years ago I started the Phoenix 2% Club as a way to educate and inspire people in the Valley of the Sun to reach their full financial potential. Over that time we’ve had thousands of people attend our events, and we have provided some of the top Wealth Educators in the world as trainers for you to learn from.

At the Phoenix 2% Club you’ll discover that the only economy that matters is YOUR OWN economy, and that it’s up to YOU to create an economy of WEALTH. Even in tough times there are those who are creating their own wealth, and your goal should be to be one of them.

Once you learn the strategies and the tactics, all you’ve got to do is DO IT! You can check the calendar on the site for all of our upcoming events. The energy is fantastic and the group is awesome.

You can also “like” my Facebook fan page and get daily tips on the exact habits, attitudes, strategies and tactics it takes to succeed regardless of the economy. These are the tips you need to move into the fast lane to success.

There are tons of OPPORTUNITY out there for those looking. I hope you’ll find one that works for you.

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