As all of my close friends and clients will attest to … I am a prolific reader.  I don’t read fiction or novels … I read business and success books. In fact … I don’t actually read books … I study them. Repeatedly.

I’ll read the same book and refer back to it frequently because it really is true that REPETITION IS THE MOTHER OF LEARNING.

I consider any success I achieve to be a result of the programming I’ve received, or chosen to adopt. It’s also true for you.

In the past year, I was introduced to the book “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. I even had the opportunity to meet him and speak with him.  Today I’m finishing his follow-up book, “The Fifth Agreement,” and I’m going to suggest you do the same. If you understand what is being shared, you’ll realize that, by living your life according to these agreements, you increase your chances for success and happiness many times over.

By reprogramming yourself using these five agreements, you create a new life for yourself.

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