Recently I read an article that stated that almost 50 MILLION Americans are now considered “POOR” and that almost 80% of all Americans are at or near the POVERTY line.

To say that the distribution of wealth is becoming alarmingly disproportionate to the population would be an understatement … and based on the financial challenges many of my clients and students face today … I would say that these findings are relatively accurate.

To become and remain financially successful in today’s turbulent times takes skill, knowledge, a willingness to change, and the courage to take on new challenges. Anyone who insists on holding on the “old ways” is doomed to suffering financially.

That doesn’t mean that the “old ways” of saving a good portion of what you earn is going to change … that’s a universal truth … but what you DO with your savings is what determines how quickly you can become financially free. And what you choose to do with your money changes in changing times.

I help many of my clients with not only their Bank on Yourself program … but with their financial strategies and options as well. If you’d like to arrange a time for us to meet and review your current situation … please call me at 480-760-5787.

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