It’s amazing to think that Labor Day is behind us and the summer is coming to an end. I hope it’s been a terrific one for you. It has been for me.

Over this summer I was able to spend almost 2 weeks in Canada and another 3 weeks in Europe, and I saw many great places and met many successful people. I also had the chance to read a number of books that continue to add perspective and guidance to me in all areas of money, business, happiness and success. As I find new ideas and concepts that work … I incorporate them into my life and teach them to my clients and students.

If you’ve been a client of mine for any length of time, you know that I’m committed to educating and inspiring my clients to reach their full financial potential regardless of what their current circumstances are. One of the ways I provide this is through my nonprofit, Phoenix 2% Club, and my “Tuesday Mornings with Jeff” which I’ve been providing for years now.

If you would like to meet with me for a free 30 minute consultation about your current financial situation, and how you can start making better use of your current assets … contact me and we’ll set it up. 480-760-5787.

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