If it’s January … it’s time to start putting together all of your income tax information.I don’t know about you … but my goal is to pay as little in taxes as I legally have to. It’s one of the reasons I chose to hire my CPA … so I’d understand the tax laws better and take advantage of them. I may not make the rules … but I’m certainly going to learn how to win with the rules that are already in place.

Unfortunately, even I can’t keep up with all the changes going on with our tax laws. It’s crazy! So I work with my accountant to make certain I’m doing things the best way.

If you have an easy return, you can usually do them yourself or with TurboTax or some other software program. But if you have anything more complicated, the value of working with a great accountant is huge.

I know several outstanding tax accountants in Phoenix. All of them do excellent work. If you want a referral to a good accountant to take care of your taxes, let me know. I’m happy to put you in the hands of a good accountant.

And if you ever have any questions about having a Bank on Yourself program or what to do with your retirement funds, I’ve got great options for you to consider. Just contact me.


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