Every month I see dozens of people who are asking me what they should do with their retirement money.

Many would love to put it into a Bank on Yourself account … but unfortunately, that’s not possible with qualified monies.

If you have a traditional IRA at your bank or with your broker, you can only invest in what your bank or broker offers you. Unfortunately, you have limits to what you can or cannot buy.

If you have a traditional IRA or an old 401K from an employer that you no longer work for, one of the smartest things you can do is ROLL IT OVER into a SELF DIRECTED IRA.

Once you do that, you have infinitely more options for your retirement dollars. You can invest in real gold or silver. You can invest in real estate. You can invest in businesses. You can invest in mortgages. You can invest in web sites.  The fact is … you have the opportunity to choose so many more options for your retirement funds.

If you aren’t aware of self directed IRAs, you need to be. It’s a way for you to leverage the money you’ve set aside for your retirement.

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