Way back in 1976, I graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, with an Honors Commerce degree and a desire to retire young. To me, that meant not having to work anymore, enjoying life, traveling, and managing my investments, all by the time I was 50.

I realized that without commanding the skills of selling, I’d never achieve that goal. It wasn’t going to happen in a job. So I went out and found the BEST SALES TRAINING ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD at that time … XEROX! They had a patent on their “Plain paper” photocopying so they had NO COMPETITION … and they had the BEST TRAINED SALES FORCE in the world out there selling into the marketplace.

During my year with Xerox, not only did I receive the most intense professional sales training anyone could imagine … but I ALSO USED THOSE SALES SKILLS TO SELL ENOUGH XEROX PHOTOCOPIERS to quit the company and have the funds to pay to go to Arizona State University where I got both my MBA and CPA.

I spent 25 years in senior level positions in Fortune 500 Companies, managing the cash flow, forecasts and financial results where I sold the company story to analysts. I also sold my way into senior management, where the compensation I earned allowed me to save to buy enough rental real estate that I was able to reached my goal of retiring by age 50.

During the past 10 years, I’ve used my professional selling skills to get me the top position with Peak Potentials Training, the fastest growing business and personal success training company in the world, and subsequent to that, acquire hundreds of personal clients in my financial services business.

Despite the horrendous economy in Phoenix since 2008, my business hasn’t struggled at all … because I understand how the Sales Process works.

On Saturday, August 3rd, from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. together with my Personal Associate, Linda Costello, we’ll be teaching you exactly how the Sales Process works … and how you can guarantee yourself a 6 FIGURE INCOME starting now.

Seating is limited and this is a one day seminar for only those who are prepared to grow their lives and their income to a new level. You will not get this training ANYWHERE ELSE … so for details, go here … Sales Spectacular


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