Bank on Yourself is based on a “Par Dividend Paying Whole Life Policy.”

Over the past 40 years, you and I have seen more and more personal loss of control of our money, just to gain some tax-favored benefits. 

For example … IRA’s have deduction formulas, withdrawal penalties, minimum and maximum distributions, participation allowances … and today most people find that because of LACK OF CONTROL, inflexibility of withdrawals, and the uncertainty of the economy and the tax climates, more and more are hesitating to move big sums of money into these IRA’s.

Bank on Yourself is based on sound economic principles, U.S. tax laws, and insurance contractual guarantees. In other words, the reason Bank on Yourself works is because these principles supercede sales techniques, gimmicks, creative accounting, trust manipulations, gifting strategies, and other methods.

As long as there is a Par Dividend Paying Whole Life product out there and our tax laws encourage Capitalism, Bank on Yourself will have a very bright future. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your future. Call about a Bank on Yourself plan today!

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