Ever since I first learned about Bank on Yourself, I’ve always been a huge fan.

One of the biggest reasons is that eventually, all of the money you’ve stored inside you BOY policy becomes your passive, retirement cash flow when you’ve had enough of the working world.

I’m a big believer in creating PASSIVE STREAMS of income. How can you have money coming in every day to pay the bills whether you go to work or not?

Of course, you can invest in things like CD’s or the Money Market. Today the rates are so low they don’t even keep up with inflation!

I like to invest in businesses … CASH FLOWING businesses that run themselves or with little effort from me. And the latest area I’ve begun to explore is WEB SITES. Did you know that there’s a fortune being made today from people who know how to find and buy cash flowing web sites?

With your Bank on Yourself cash values, you can borrow from yourself to finance your own businesses and repay your loans with your profits of the business. Just one more way your BOY program can deliver massive value if you use it wisely.


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