If you master this you WIN … if you don’t you LOSE!
Do you want to know the one thing ALL financially successful people have in common?
It’s the one skill you MUST master on your way to financial freedom.
It’s your ability to MASTER your money!
Unfortunately … most people have no SYSTEM for managing their money and therefore by default they MISMANAGE their money.
Here’s a quick and easy system to make certain you’re managing your money for success …
10% of your income needs to be invested in vehicles that create PASSIVE income.
10% of your income needs to be saved for large future expenses (Cars, Vacations, Home Improvements, etc.)
10% of your income needs to be focused on your EDUCATION … (books, tapes, CD’s, Seminars, Coaches, Mentors, etc.)
10% of your income needs to be devoted to PLAY … fun stuff you plan for and look forward to.
55% of your income needs to cover your NECESSITIES … (your car, your mortgage, your insurance, food, etc.)
5% of your income needs to go into your GIVE account … to help out others less fortunate. (If you normally give 10% … you need to reduce your NECESSITIES to 50%.)
Simple! Easy! If you begin to manage your money in these percentages, you’ll soon find yourself on your way to achieving your financial freedom.
Best of all … you can use a BOY policy to do many of these functions! In fact, it’s the perfect vehicle to MASTER your money management skills!

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