Can you believe it?

Before you know it, June will be in the books and half of 2013 will be over.


This has been a most amazing six months for me and I continue to learn and grow, and teach many of my clients and students in Phoenix to do the same.

There’s no time to waste. You’re either moving ahead or you’re falling behind. There’s no middle ground.

I’m looking forward to getting out of the Arizona heat with a trip up to Canada in July and a cruise to Northern Europe in August. I hope all of you can get out of the heat for a break … even if you love it!

If you aren’t aware, I founded my Phoenix 2% Club in 2010, and I host 5 events every month … every Tuesday morning and the 4th Wednesday night of every month. The mission is to “Educate and Inspire people to reach their full financial potential” and that’s what I want for all of you.

On Wednesday, June 26th at 6 p.m., I’ll be co-presenting at the June event along with my personal associate, Linda Costello, specifically about EXPLODING YOUR SALES AND YOUR INCOME by learning and mastering just a few critical skills. Once you learn exactly how the top sales people in the world develop their mindset and attitudes … organize their days and prioritize their actions so that they’re the most productive, you can do exactly the same thing to create your own success much faster than you ever dreamed possible.  The SECRET is to know all of the steps and master them all!

The single biggest skill YOU can learn that can help you reach all of your financial goals the fastest is to MASTER the skill of SELLING … because with that skill you can do anything else you want … including taking 6 to 8 weeks a year for vacationing around the world! ;-)

While you’re thinking about it … register now …

Don’t make any excuse for yourself not to come. Decide to show up and then follow through. You’ll love our events and feel excited about how quickly you can grow yourself into someone capable of earning a six figure or more income! Learn how to save it wisely (especially using Bank On Yourself), and then invest it to create passive income, and you’ll be financially free sooner rather than later.

P.S. I was invited to be on the “Breakthrough Thinking” radio network earlier this week for a one hour segment and it was a really fun and thought provoking time. If you’re looking for some stimulating thinking … check it out by clicking here:Breakthrough Thinking

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