Every year at this time, it’s worthwhile to reflect on how things went, and how you’d like to see things change in the new year.

One area I’d like to suggest you focus your attention on next year is in growing your NET WORTH. There are actually 4 factors that determine your net worth, and working on all 4 of them simultaneously is critical to your financial success.

The first is your WORKING INCOME … because it generally starts the process at the top of the funnel.

The second is your SAVINGS … because without it, you can never be in a position to take advantage of opportunities.

The third is your INVESTMENTS … because if you can master this area … you can reach your freedom goals the fastest.

The fourth is SIMPLIFICATION. … because if you don’t need a fortune to live on each month, you can reach your freedom goals much faster.

I’d encourage you to create strategies to work on all 4 factors. Call me if you want suggestions.

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