If you had a Bank on Yourself account, and you had been paying into it for any length of time, you’d have cash value that’s growing at a predictable rate. You’d also have the LIQUIDITY to use those funds for optimal use.

If you have credit card debt … you’d be much smarter to pay it off with a BOY loan and repay yourself.

The same is true if you’ve got a car loan or any other loan you could be paying off in full now, and simply repaying yourself with the same payments you’d currently be making.

Or … if you had cash value and you don’t have debts … you’d be smart to borrow your cash value to invest in ASSETS that produce income, and use the income to repay your BOY loans.

Every year that passes that you fail to make strategic financial moves to reduce debt and increase income, you are losing time that you can never make up.

Let a Bank on Yourself program lead your way. It’s designed to do just that.

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