When it comes to your wealth … there are 2 words that are critical to success.
The first word is LIQUIDITY. How much CASH can you get your hands on immediately or almost immediately if you need it?
The second word is CONTROL. How much control do you have over your wealth?
Unfortunately, most people I meet with have limited liquidity. In fact, the majority of Americans have about one paycheck’s worth of it!
Fact: You need to have liquid funds available at all times for all the contingencies that occur in your life.
On top of that, most Americans who do have net worth have it tied up in the equity in the real estate they own or in their qualified retirement funds. To convert their home equity into cash, they have to QUALIFY for a loan from a bank or mortgage company. To get to their qualified retirement money they have to play by the GOVERNMENT’S rules. In other words, most people have NO CONTROL over their net worth!
When you BANK ON YOURSELF … you get BOTH! Your money is liquid AND you’re in control! These 2 reasons alone are more than enough to get excited about growing your BANK ON YOURSELF program!
Remember the importance of LIQUIDITY and CONTROL. It makes a huge difference in your financial life.

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