I was amazed!

Last Saturday I was in my bank, and on the way out, I saw their sign displaying the rates they’re currently paying on a 1 year and a 10 year CD.

I had to stop … take out my cell phone … and take a picture of it. In my entire life of 59 years I can’t ever recall seeing what I was looking at.

Do you know what you’ll currently earn on a 1 year CD?

It’s a whole .25%. A QUARTER OF ONE PERCENT.

On a $10,000 CD, you’d earn a whole $25 at the end of a year … and of course you get to pay taxes on it.

On a $100,000 CD, that would grow to a whole $250 at the end of a year … not much of a retirement income huh?

If you had $1,000,000 CD you’d receive $2,500 at the end of a year. OH BOY!

Of course, things get a lot better if you’re willing to lend your money to the bank for 10 years.

Then you earn a whopping 1% of your money.

Of course you can’t touch it for 10 years without early termination penalties, and inflation will be double or triple that rate, so you’re actually LOSING buying power every year, GUARANTEED.

The value of your BOY program has never been greater. Use it properly and you’ll be miles ahead of any CD and have LIQUIDITY and CONTROL of your money at the same time. GUARANTEED.

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