Last week I had a chance to travel back to New York to celebrate my Mother in Law’s 90th birthday party.It was interesting to see how people are making out back east.

I met over 100 people while I was there, and it’s obvious to me that virtually everyone is just looking to get by. I’m not sure I met one person who was enthusiastic about their situation or their outlook for the future.

Do you realize that more millionaires were created during the great depression than at almost any other time in history? Tough economic times call for a little more creativity.

Instead of seeing opportunities, most people are stuck focusing on their problems. They couldn’t see an opportunity if it was staring them In their face!

When you have a Bank on Yourself account, you can grow the cash value inside your BOY policy, and then, YOU have opportunity. Your Bank on Yourself program might be all you need to get started with creating a new opportunity for you!

Never underestimate the power of a BOY program. This came into your life for a reason … get one, and use it wisely.

Call me if I can ever be of help.

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