Every Tuesday morning I teach a class on entrepreneurship, money management, and investments. It’s 90 high-energy, action-packed minutes dedicated to changing your habits and attitudes in the area of money, business, and success.

The theme for this week’s class and for the balance of the year is INTENSITY!

For those people who have a burning desire to make quantum leaps in their business and their financial lives … their level of INTENSITY towards taking the correct ACTIONS will determine how quickly they succeed.

It starts by getting the RIGHT EDUCATION. The most financially successful people I know are committed to lifelong learning … and they invest in seminars, coaches, webinars, books, mentors, whatever it takes. And then they follow through with INTENSITY in everything they learn and do.

Your intensity in MANAGING YOUR MONEY is one of the key areas you must FOCUS on immediately. Until you can manage the money you currently have … you won’t get any more.

One of the best money management tools I know of is the Bank on Yourself program. Get involved,  and then use it properly and you’ll see benefits no one else you know will ever have!

Don’t keep BOY a secret! You can be sure I’ll treat everyone of your referrals as VIPS and they will love you for it!

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