It’s scary sometimes just how fast time flies!

Here we are getting ready to celebrate another Thanksgiving, and then the holiday season will be here before you know it.

For many of my clients, this has been a challenging year financially. Getting ahead in this economy is not an easy task … and for many, it’s become impossible.

Bank on Yourself cash values have continued to grow regardless of the economy, and many of you are now using your policies to finance your cars, pay off your credit cards, pay for your vacations, or best yet, invest in appreciating assets that spin off income.

The WORST thing you can do is sit on your lazy assets! It’s critical that you leverage whatever you’ve got to get you the maximum returns. Passive income is the key to financial freedom, and creating as much of it in your life as possible is your job!

If we haven’t met yet, or in a while, now might be a great time to arrange a time to get together and review your strategy for your personal finances. Just call me or email me and I’ll get it on my calendar.

Here’s wishing you and your family my best wishes for a happy and fun Thanksgiving and my sincere thank you to all of my clients for your continued business and trust. I truly am thankful for it.


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