What’s that mean to you?

To me … and most of my clients … it means having enough monthly income to pay the bills without having to work.

In order to ever reach a point of becoming FINANCIALLY FREE … the importance of earning PASSIVE INCOME is paramount.

Too many folks in Phoenix have seen their financial situation deteriorate over the past 5 to 10 years. Instead of being closer to retirement … virtually everyone is further away, but that much older.

Even worse … since we’ve all been taught never to spend our savings, but rather live off of the interest … in today’s world that interest is miniscule.

Unfortunately … very few people have ever learned about or MASTERED the skills of creating passive income. The only income most people earn is WORKING income, and the problem with working income is that YOU HAVE TO WORK FOR IT! It stops coming in as soon as you stop working.

What that means is that only a small group of people have a chance at a decent retirement. Only those who have enough PASSIVE income get to reach FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

I’ve invested over 30 years learning about PASSIVE INCOME STREAMS … and it’s all I focus on.

Today … as my potential client … you have an opportunity to be on the ground floor of my new business, “CLOUD INCOME PROPERTIES.”

Together with 4 brilliant partners, we’ve created a company that finds existing, cash flowing, but underperforming, web sites; we buy them, and then sell them to you. You can then either run your web sites yourself, hire anyone you want to run them, or else you can hire us to manage and optimize your sites.

In just 2 months since we’ve launched CLOUD INCOME PROPERTIES the demand for these web sites has been incredible … and we’ve already got a bunch of very happy clients.

Web sites start at $20,000 and you can use your savings, including Bank on Yourself cash values, to finance your web sites. You can also use your IRA and old 401K money to buy your web sites.

On Wednesday, February 13th, I’ll be hosting a “Meet and Greet” at my home for those who’d like to learn how to join us as affiliates and earn excellent income helping us spread the word about Cloud.

On Tuesday, February 26th, all of my partners will be in town for a one night only, by invitation only, event where you’ll get to meet the entire brain trust, learn our story, and see how owning your own web sites and having us manage them for you is the BEST way to create PASSIVE income today.

I guarantee it’ll blow you away.

If you’d like to attend either event, please leave a message below or send me an email and I’ll get you the rest of the information.

Remember, until you have enough PASSIVE income to cover your bills … you’ll never be FINANCIALLY FREE.

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