How much money are you earning while you’re sleeping?

It’s a question I ask people all the time.

Guess what the answer is virtually all the time?


Most people know how to earn money just one way … working for it. And the problem with working income is … you have to work for it. When you stop working … so does your income.

It’s critical to understand that until you have income that comes to you even when you’re NOT working, you’re TRAPPED. Income that comes to you without you having to work for it is called PASSIVE income.

To retire … you need to have enough PASSIVE income to pay your bills and cover your lifestyle. It’s what I teach my students and clients every day.

My new company, Cloud Income Properties, is a VEHICLE for many to create their own passive income streams. Every day I’m speaking with more people who are excited to learn how to convert their cash into cash flow with websites as their investment of choice.

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