For the past 2 weeks … I’ve been letting you know about a brand new business I’ve become involved in with four other elite partners.

Our new company is called “Cloud Income Properties” and like every start up there are a million details to be covered before we can launch.

BUT … I’m excited to announce that we now have our LLC filed and our Website is up (at least the basics of the site).

Why would you or anyone you know want to consider owning profitable, cash flowing web sites?

Well … because if you ever hope to have some financial freedom in your life, you’re going to have to come up with monthly cash flow that you receive without having to work. You’ll need to either create little money machines OR buy money machines.

I’m especially excited about what you can do with your retirement funds. Did you know you can roll your old 401K, pension plan or qualified IRA into a self directed IRA and invest that money in great, cash flowing investments like websites?

You can … and if done properly … you can set up your retirement account with cash flowing assets that YOU’LL NEVER HAVE TO PAY TAXES ON (If you set up your plan as a ROTH.)

Of course, you can definitely use your Bank on Yourself program to invest in these cash flowing businesses as well. Use the income to repay the loans and you end up with all of your money AND your sites.

Check out our new site at and sign up on our VIP LIST if you want to get involved. We’re about a week away from launch!

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