Everyone who’s familiar with me knows how much I love investing. I’ll spend hours analyzing an investment to see if it’s right for me.

For over 3 decades I’ve invested in rental real estate with my wife, Sue. We love real estate for a lot of reasons, perhaps the most important being the cash flow it provides on a monthly basis. Thanks to the cash flow from our rental real estate, we’ve been fortunate to have reached financial freedom.

In addition to investing in real estate rentals, we also own bridge notes that provide us with a great return on our money, way higher than anything you’ll get at the banks or other traditional sources.

If you want to see how real estate can play a role in your financial future, call me to discuss how my partners at Caliber can help you realize your goals.

Recently, I’ve also begun to invest in cash flowing web sites. They’re less costly than rental real estate and offer yet another option for creating terrific passive income streams.

This week we launched Cloud Income Properties and I invite you to contact me if you want to begin adding these cash flowing web businesses to your portfolio. We not only find them for you … we professionally manage them for you too!

So there you have it … real estate … notes … web sites … all cash flowing assets. Best of all … you can finance any or all of these options with Bank on Yourself cash values!

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