Blowing opportunity.

I see it every day. I see people struggle to make ends meet and yet they’ve got assets that should be bringing them income but aren’t.

Have you ever heard the expression “asset rich and cash poor?”  Unfortunately too many people that I meet today are stuck in that position. In fact … I know millionaires who are in that exact situation.

A few days ago, I was reviewing my list of Bank on Yourself clients and I was shocked to see just how much old 401K money … IRA money … Investment accounts sitting in all cash … were just idle dollars earning nothing for their owners. MILLIONS!

I saw hundreds of thousands of dollars of cash value inside BOY policies that aren’t being used to create cash flow or freedom.

Can it be that everyone is happy to let their money and their assets earn them nothing? When I see how little people do to make sure they’re money is working as hard for them as they did to earn it, I guess that’s generally true.

I tell everyone I speak with to put their money into APPRECIATING and CASH FLOWING assets. It’s the same philosophy that virtually every non-traditional but wealthy entrepreneur follows. (Not Susan Orman or Dave Ramsey) And if they can … I tell them to reinvest their cash flow into MORE appreciating and cash flowing assets and keep doing it. THAT’S the fastest way to freedom that I know.

A Bank on Yourself program can be your starting point to your financial freedom. It’s helped dozens of my clients start businesses or make investments and it can do the same for you!

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