Every once in a while, it’s important to go back to the basics of what it takes to create a financially free life.

You’ve probably heard the expression … it’s not how much you earn … it’s how much you have left after paying the bills.

Too many people have the habit of spending everything they earn. They pay all of their bills throughout the month and usually run out of money before they run out of month!

You CANNOT allow that to happen in your life. Somehow … you must make it a HABIT to allocate a certain amount of your monthly income to be set aside for savings and investments.

One of the best ways I know of to do that is in a Bank on Yourself life insurance program. Every month you put a certain amount of your cash flow into your policy and every month your cash values grow.

What can you use your cash values for? Of course, all of your major purchases. But also … you can use your cash value to invest in cash flowing investments.

Regardless, unless you have a system for setting money aside every month, a system for keeping that money liquid and available for use at any time for any purpose, you aren’t positioned for any contingencies that come up in your life … good or bad.

When you get one, make full use of your Bank on Yourself program. It’s designed to get better the longer you own it and the more you use it!

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