My good friend, Dr. Larry Waldman, Ph.D., just wrote a book called “Too Busy Earning a Living to Make Your Fortune?”

It was partially the result of 20 years of our hiking together every Sunday morning for 2 hours, discussing the psychology of success and why most people fail when it comes to business and money.

One day, after we finished our hike, we were having breakfast together and Larry said … “You know what? … I’m going to write a book about exactly what we talk about on all of our hikes and explain from a psychological point of view what BLOCKS most people from getting out of the rat race and really getting ahead.”

If there’s anyone who’s qualified to write about this stuff, it’s Larry. Few clinical psychologists have done as well in their careers and personal finances as Larry, so he speaks from authority.

This is Larry’s 5th book and it’s great!

You can purchase your own copy for $14.95, by contacting Larry at

If you find yourself trapped in a rut where you just can’t seem to ever get ahead and STAY ahead, you’ll always be in that rut unless and until you change something. Larry can help you find the things you need to change.

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